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Sustainability ... one stitch at a time

Sustainable Couture is disappointed to be cancelling the 2020 live events and activities.

However, with everyone’s health and wellbeing more important than ever, we are organising online community-sustaining opportunities so you can connect creatively and explore some inventive ways of living more sustainably, where-ever you live.

In the coming months we will be bringing you inspiring ways to reuse fabrics, remake and refashion garments that have been hanging idly your wardrobe as well as linking you with other online resources to nurture your creative urges to recycle textiles.

Franca Frederiksen and Philomena Hali, co=founders of Sustainable Couture, are working to launch the on-line marketplace in 2020 so that you can buy one-off, distinctive garments created by our passionate Sustainable Couture designers from recycled fabrics. Stay tuned for more details!

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