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2020 Collection

We ask "Why send perfectly good clothing to landfill?" By deconstructing and reconstructing garments, and embellishing them "One Stitch at a Time", the Sustainable Couture designers give discarded clothing new value and new stories. You can too!

We can all make a difference in our local communities and One Day at a Time, reduce textile waste in landfill and live more lightly.

2020 Online Collection


This year’s theme “All in the same Boat” invites everyone to “come on board and sail on the oceans of possibility, ride the tide in the shift to a more sustainable and ethical clothing industry”.  Why be part of the problem, when we can all be part of the solution!

2019 Gallery


Clothing has always been a way of expressing oneself: our national or ethnic identity, our class, gender and sexuality. Clothing, what and how we wear it are also powerful expressions of resistance, subversiveness, rebellion – pushing social and cultural boundaries, challenging social and cultural norms and creating change and individual identities. Clothes are and always have been Worn to be wild.