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One Creation at a Time - from mohair rug to jacket

Franca Frederiksen, Alice Springs

This lovely mohair rug was given to me by a friend to recycle. I’ve been dying to make a cosy jacket out of it.

I've done a simple sketch so you can follow what I'm doing!

I’ve cut a pattern out of newspaper from a big white tee shirt as I want jacket to be loose.

You can see the front’s shorter than the back.

Cutting out

Be sure to allow a little extra on the seams just in-case – you can trim after you’ve

tried it on.

Pin wrong sides and sew all seams together as shown on earlier sketch.

Try it on!

Make sure you’re happy with the fit – trim/take in or up if required.

Nip curved seams a couple of times so it sits well.

Zig-zag or overlock all raw edges.

Press seams with hot iron on damp cloth.

I’ve had to trim the neckline by about 5mm as it was too high.

I sewed around it before cutting tokeep it stable/not stretch.

Style it

I decided to turn what was to be the front ‘facing’ outwards and create lapels, which

I’ve angled. I think this adds interest.


I’m using fine black tulle to edge the neckline as it’ll disappear. Alternatively, you

could face it or replace tulle with satin.

Hem the sleeve by turning the zigzagged edge in and stitch by hand (softer result) or machine.

Stitch on a button as a feature and a big press stud underneath it - as a buttonhole could get



Sometimes you need to patch or camouflage marks or wear in recycled material.

There’s lots of ways to do this, including embellishing; adding a button/brooch; darning.

Voila! I'm very happy with the look!

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