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From waste to wonder

Natalia Rodrigo, a Western Australian upcycling designer who works mainly reinventing and transforming aluminium coffee capsules, is proud to present her 2020 “Reflective weaving” collection with Sustainable Couture in 2020.

Natalia has channelled her thinking during these uncertain times into quiet reflection on nature.Then, with ingenious determination and the purpose of turning waste to wonder, she has transformed her observations into sustainable, eye-catching accessories.

When the world stopped and we weren’t sure what was coming next, threading moments and weaving daily actions in the tapestry of life became so important. “One Stitch at the time” became one strip at the time.

Natalia’s new works are constructed by cutting and weaving strips of aluminium coffee pods, incorporating textile strips as well as knotting cords to add to the entwined collection.

Developing new skills during this time-consuming process, was a mindful motion of detail and repetition. Weaving with ingenious determination, with the purpose of turning waste to wonder - interlocking and creating not only sustainable eye catching accessories but individual wearable works of art.

These unique pieces reflect quiet times in nature, places close to home that suddenly were treasured so much more. Discovering the gentle play of colours and shapes on autumn days, drifty moments observing shifting skies, shimmering water surfaces blending to create a semi abstract scene of calm and harmony.

Look #1:

This statement neckwrap/scarf was inspired by sunrise colours / gold, maroon and red, seen in the image below. The cord is made from t-shirt strips. The pendants are also brooches, and can be worn separately. Earrings and a hair clip complement the look.

Look #2:

The necklace and earrings are influenced by the colour of trees and foliage/greens and browns. Both necklace and earrings can be reversed for a different look. These pieces will take you from casual to dressed up. Both necklace and earrings can be turned around for a different look. Because when you wear something you adore, you’d want to use it more and more…

These eye catching pieces are contemporary accessories, yet timeless in character.

From a practical point of view, these exclusive jewellery pieces are also versatile, extremely light and comfortable to wear.

Look #1 is modelled by Salicia and Look #2 by Isobel.

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