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From opshop shirts to designer tunics!

Philomena Hali, Perth WA

2020 Collection

It’s all been about ‘making do’ with what was available whilst in isolation

during COVID-19. What I’ve used for my tunics was clothing from op shops, my

wardrobe and vintage kimono fabric from my stash.

With lots of time on her hands to be extra-creative during isolation this year, Philomena

did online courses that sparked further hand stitching creativity. She has included ‘cracked mud’ stitched forms to one of the tunics:

The process was contemplative, and I enjoyed adding this embellishment to

this tunic - one stitch at a time.

Both outfits have earrings that were also stitched as accessories to the tunics.

These are handmade, with Philomena taking her time with the creative process and enjoying the meditative flow of handstitching.


Philomena's first outfit, modelled by Lily, comprises a deconstructed, large white linen shirt and grey linen tunic on the outer sides. Both back and front are trimmed in grey and vintage kimono orangey trim has been used to embellish. This tunic has a full collar, which can be worn opened or closed. It features buttons on the side flaps which unite the two side panels at the back. Model Lily’s earrings are made from scraps of white linen, backed with vintage

kimono silk and hand-embroidered.

Jane models the second tunic. This one is made from a deconstructed men’s

white linen shirt (sleeves and collar removed) and very large white linen trousers which formed the side panels.

One whole sleeve is attached to the lower back of the tunic and half of the

other sleeve has been used on the front, forming an interesting feature as well as a

functional pocket.

Philomena has embellished this tunic with her new ‘cracked earth’ hand

embroidery on the tunic and on the hem of the three-quarter trousers.

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