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Lost and Found Exhibition

Lost and Found Exhibition - Presented by the Sustainable Couture collective and supported by the Alice Springs Town Council featured surprising and innovative objects and materials that had been repurposed and up-cycledl

Participating artists in past years have included:

Keringke Artists, Tapatjatjaka Artists, Danila Rainow, Carmel Ryan, Zoya Godoroja-Prieckaerts, Faye Alexander, Glen Woodward, Bronwyn Field, Margy Alexander, Julie Taylor, Jock Morse and Gretel Bull.



Clothes Swap

With Australians sending tonnes of clothing to landfill every day, it's time to tackle this waste problem at a local level

Rather than simply throwing out good quality clothes and accessories into the bin, swap them and give them another life!

It's simple - find  venue in yur community,  fill your suitcases with clothes for swapping and join in the fun


Show and Tell

This was a central Australian twist on the BBC’s Antiques Road Show! People brought along favourite hand crafted treasures and shared their stories with interested people over a cuppa. 

Venue: The Residency

Corner of Hartley & Parsons Streets

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